Hotel in Riviera Maya


A monumental pyramid-shaped laminated wood structure suspends three hotel suites to grant the views of the sea and the jungle.


The wood façade is muted and mysterious to the street and is supported by a stone base that contains the service areas. The three suites emerge at the top of the wooden skeleton as suspended volumes, differentiated from the rest of the structure by the blue stained wood.

The common lounge areas are spacious and sheltered under the large wooden palafitte structure, favoring ventilation and the wideness of an open space overlooking the pool and central area. The longitudinal pool placed on the sand is conceived as a stone slab flanked by four existing cabins that respect the existing palm trees and vegetation of the site benefiting from their natural shade.


Each suite is distributed on two stories: on the first floor is the bedroom, with a large terrace and sea views; on the second floor is the bathroom —which is perceived as a narrow wooden box—, this area is open at both ends. One side overlooks the sea and the other one the immense virgin jungle, both with large private terraces promoting cross-ventilation.

Towards the seafront, the dune and its flora are preserved, and the beach club is placed on the sand by a light wood floating structure, also built and assembled in dry construction.


The access to the property is through a low-lying and narrow hallway, to transit to a double-height common area that integrates restaurant, bar, lounge, reception and living areas, facing the pool and the ocean.


The strategy of the project was conceived to generate a minimal impact on the land and avoid permanent structures. This led to propose the new building as a large sculptural volume with a laminate wood prefabricated structure that can be quickly assembled on site.


The project consists of a total renovation, which includes the rehabilitation of the existing villas, a new set of public spaces (common pool, restaurant, lobby, lounge area, beach club) and three new suites.