Casa en el Lago


A new rest house dialogues with nature and defines its relevance based on the understanding and the respect for the environment in which it is located.


We aim to evoke the memory and strength of the Mexican hacienda, highlighting the value of a monumental architecture mostly surrounded by vegetation. Creating spaces that always promote a connection with the exterior and that are subtly blurred with the shore of the lagoon.


The program consists of a central courtyard that articulates the spaces and separates the social from the private area. In the public area, the living room, dining room and kitchen merge and open towards the lagoon. They embrace the language of a pavilion that blurs its spatial boundaries, where continuity and openness define its expression. The swimming pool and the relaxation and living areas are housed among the undomesticated vegetation, always shifting between spaces of light and shade at the base of the lagoon.


Large-scale trees and a collection of art expressed through sculptures are intermittently woven throughout the path, generating a deep sensorial experience, and emphasizing the gesture of the patio as a heritage that highlights the integrating power of the void.