This proposal aims to engage the senses and be fully connected to its context, space, light, and nature. It is a place that promotes connections and community, allowing for a unique interaction with nature.


Luxury is understood in terms of simplicity, the void, and the depth of materials that create connections through nature. The approach is vernacular, where quality is expressed through balance and subtle materiality, extending the ideal home.


Rammed earth walls are the main expression and identity of the design, articulating and integrating the relationship between the patios and villas. They create a subtle atmosphere in deep connection to the land, and the long hallways of monumental rammed earth become sculptural, enhancing the material palette and expression through vegetation and light.


Due to its footprint, the design promotes interactions with the community but also allows for private and personal moments within each villa.


Water platforms reflect the mountains and sky, providing an oasis-like atmosphere in the desert.

Construction Site