Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting Exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta



Esrawe + Cadena intervened two spaces for the exhibition. It presented the work of the two artists, as well as a series of photographs narrating Frida and Diego’s life together and passion for one another. The two spaces intervened are profoundly inspired by the personal relationship between the two artists, and by their every day lives. The intervention, used as motifs, representative colours of the work of both artists.


Insanity, disease, cowardice, part of the sun and of joy!

Frida Kahlo


This space, which is entirely saturated in yellow, focuses on an archetypical local chair as an element in the Mexican colonial heritage, and a frequently recurring object in the private and personal spaces inhabited by Diego and Frida. The repetition of the element creates a large-scale sculpture that is full of texture and geometry, which is homogenised by the colour yellow and alludes to the sun and happiness.