Design House 2015

The entryway to the space was a small and shadowy walkway, which opened out into a circular area marked by an illuminated latticework and a central sculpture at the heart of the path. It created an all-encompassing ambience for contemplation, further strengthened by a texture around the perimeter that subtly bathes the space in light. The latticework was made from a self-bearing structure of veneered MDF boards that have been cut with CNC inlay and later assembled. The sculpture was a piece of jade carved directly by the sculptor Jorge Yázpik, 2015.

Esrawe Studio / 2015
Concept and Creative Direction / Héctor Esrawe, Javier García-Rivera
Design Team / María Santibañez, Alejandro Valencia
Art / Jorge Yázpik / 2015
Photography / Sergio Bejarano, Jaime Navarro
Design Week 2015