Design House 2014



For this installation Esrawe Studio questions the limits and the expression of the traditional living room, challenging its boundaries and the relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces. These boundaries are redefined as three spaces: the first welcomes the guest with aromatic plants. Then, there is a reading and introspective zone, followed by an area to socialize and talk. On another note, the design evokes and recalls the memory of the pre-existing place, by integrating the textured wood finish and original floral wood crown moldings, as well as the ceiling light and parquet flooring, merging the expression of this memory into the current design through a layer of white paint covering them.


The project was complemented by the talented artist Omar Barquet (Arróniz Gallery), with a piece of artwork made on site during the three weeks the space was open, titled “Hedera,” depicting an ivy vine growing, flourishing, and emerging from the floral crown moldings and the garden, invading the inside space on a day-to-day basis.