The exhibition Bangles to Benches: Contemporary Jewelry and Design, curated by Sara Schleuning, contained a range of pieces by various jewelers, and Esrawe Studio presented the exploration entitled Vestigios, whose pieces were made using 3D printing processes. Inspired by an archaeological dig, the pieces in Vestigios were formally reminiscent of digital manipulations of fossils or bones. Tiny vestiges of 3D printed material built up the pieces, until they became ornamental objects such as a ring or a bracelet. These traces made into jewelry suggested, through their use, an alteration of and integration with human anatomy; the pieces played with the act of unveiling a modified bone structure.
At the same time, these explorations were vestiges themselves, or a record of the use of 3D printing as we conceive it today. The avenues and possibilities of this process are being redefined day by day, and when they have permeated our everyday lives these pieces will remain as reminders or relics of how technology evolved.


Brass / Esrawe Studio / 2013
Curated by Sara Schleuning
Special Thanks to the High Museum of Art, Atlanta.