Vestigio Bracelet – Héctor Esrawe

In 2013, The High Museum of Art, Atlanta curated the show “Bangles to Benches: Contemporary Jewelry and Design”, exhibiting seats and jewelry by selected artists and designers. The ‘Vestigio’ bracelet and ring were exhibited next to the Centipede Bench. The same year, all three were chosen to be part of of the permanent collection of the Museum. 

The “Vestigio” collection gets its inspiration from the early stages of 3D printing technology when it became available for the general public. Those first intentions became the vestiges of an early 3D technology, which in a short period of time transformed the manufacturing process forever.

Its final identity comes from the representation of digital manipulation of bone like pieces, that symbolize those “findings”.

The aim, while creating the jewelry pieces, was to symbolize the research and exploration process, the transition from handcrafted to digital. After printing the “Vestigios” pieces in 3D, they where casted into brass by an analog process of lost wax.

Héctor Esrawe / 2013
Technique / 3D Printing
Material / Brass
Curator / Sara Schleuning
Exhibitions / Bangles to Benches, Contemporary Jewelry and Design
Special Thanks to the High Museum of Art, Atlanta