Solsticio sconce


‘Solsticio sconce’ is a new version of ‘Solsticio’ lamps, presented at Salón Gallery Weekend 2021.


After several previous explorations with the pieces Parábola and Shifting Parábola, our interest in the path of light through different surfaces continues. In this case, ‘Solsticio’ explores the trajectory of light on metallic surfaces to understand the reflection, the path and, in this case, the fragmentation of light into different planes, which gradually accentuates the multiple sides that build the whole.


‘Solsticio’ exhibits a series of lighting objects built from metal pieces, articulated and assembled in a radial form, where light is fragmented, projecting and sectioning its spectrum into different directions.


The absence of light becomes as relevant as its presence. The resulting objects are expressed as laboratory or research machines, of industrial character, in many ways evocative, generating a similarity with the expression of the dystopian vision of the future imagined by our ancestors. In particular it connects with time machines and the space travel imaginary of the 40’s or 50’s, and even with analogies that can be found in dystopias such as ‘Metropolis’ by Fritz Lang (1927).

Scale model