Shifting Parábola



At the latest exhibition of Masa Galería 2020 “Recover/Uncover” in Mexico City, Héctor Esrawe presented “Shifting Parábola”, a series of lighting fixtures on different scales that strive to explore the way light travels over a continuous metal surface, and “Grids”, a collection of sculptural structures.


Shifting Parábola are part of the third iteration of the concept “Parábola”, designed by Esrawe in 2019 for Masa Galería exhibition “Collective/Collectible”. This first research evolved into two sculptural lamps called “Paralela & Catenaria”, presented in the same year at Chic by Accident Gallery.


Collection of large-scale lighting sculptures that inhabit and are integrated into the space in which they are contained, in a relationship where the size of the piece creates a dialogue with the space intervened. Built from brass sheets shaped mostly by the weight and flexibility of the material and the tension generated by the position between the lighting fixtures and the wall/floor or ceiling. The resulting geometry is inhabited from within by light, creating a set of contrasts between the light contained inside and the space outside.



Shifting Parábola I

Shifting Parábola II