Reflection based on how the light travels through a solid surface, the beginning and the end, the darkness, the gloom to the dawn, on tension and flexion, in the parabolas of Félix Candela. The path of the light in each of the versions, is conditioned by the metal, in its scale, in its surface and in its expression, also on its repetition, which conferees an architectonic quality to each one of them. The poetry of the shadows, the absence of light which is as relevant as its presence. The starting points where the brass layer touches base, establish the origin for every light element, meaning, the number of brass layers indicate the amount of light elements in each piece.


Parábola is represented by MASA Galería, which opened its first exhibition ‘Collective/Collectible’ on the 7th of February 2019 in Mexico City. MASA blurs the line between art and design and exhibits works by contemporary artists, architects and designers, in parallel to contextual art works.

Parábola I

Parábola II

Parábola III