Xinú Showroom


Like a fascinating sheltered secret, that is how the space that houses Xinú’s wonderful world was conceived. A secret garden and a magical table by the anonymous naturalist who narrates the olfactory and visual inspirations of the brand. Enter through a window display and climb as that one who climbs the top of a tree by some dark stairs to discover a small space embraced by two gardens containing only one table… an intriguing horizontal surface of seven meters long; on its surface an intimate universe that reveals the botanical spirit of Xinú unfolds; through meticulous tailoring it seeks a personal way to open a window for the sensory enjoyment.


The naturalist’s table observes, gathers and collects, presents a topography of glass objects, stones, wood, resins, brass and metal. This geometric, orderly and chaotic landscape tells the story of handcrafted processes, artistic expressions, natural species, aromas, textures, light and shadows that together and, in silence, speak of exuberance, mystery and diversity. Xinú’s materialization in the space synthesizes three fundamental axes of the brand’s narrative. First, to document the wealth and exhibit the inspiring beauty of the multiple species in the American continent; second, a passion for design and craftsmanship; third, a commitment to sustainability and the use of the best raw materials. Xinú is the proof that things made with love, quality, knowledge and dedication are translated into expressions rich in content, emotion and beauty.

Bottle Design