Xinú Marsella


In the heart of the blooming Juarez neighborhood in Mexico City, XINÚ — a captivating perfume and home scent brand inspired by the exotism and abundance of The Americas — unveils its new boutique.


What once was a car mechanical workshop in the barrio, is now a retail space departing from all conventionalisms. The design approach started with the idea of gifting a garden to the neighborhood, ingeniously giving life to a vacant space by harmoniously blending a holistic experience that integrates the seductive power of nature, with design and architecture.

A green oasis in the city immersing customers and visitors in an experience like no other, where the boundaries between public space, retail and the lush access blur seamlessly. The design philosophy embraces an introspective access point that effortlessly bridges the gap between urban life and the natural world.

A wood pavilion stands as a testament to innovation and generosity, a structure that gracefully inhabits the lot. Surrounding the architectural piece on this unconventional design is the garden—a living, breathing testament to the brand’s commitment to plants and nature.


Supported by a powerful authentic brand narrative, the pavilion unfolds as a contemplative journey, a multi-sensory approach inviting guests to explore a universe crafted by simplicity and the fragrant symphony of nature as well as XINÚ’s unique products and scents.

The wood pavilion, with its radial axis, beckons visitors to meander through a sensorial journey, connecting with the surrounding garden; this thoughtful arrangement allows the periphery to fully embrace the botanical realm, correlating scents, candles, incense and home products with the vivid tapestry of the landscape.


The pavilion is more than a store; it becomes a living testament to the synergy between true handmade luxury, nature, design and craftsmanship embedded in the olfactory arts.