Tori Tori Santa Fe

Tori Tori Santa Fe is the fifth project from the renowned line of Japanese restaurants in Mexico City, this time located on the ground floor of a corporate building in the Santa Fe district.

A modern culinary temple – a unique and monumental restaurant, inspired by the subtlety and sobriety of Japanese crafts and its skilled artisans, of its heritage and its traditions. The project main elements are represented by two hanging structures of monumental size and expression made in holm oak, which emphasize the scale of the space and evoke an abstraction of a Samurai armor breastplate known in Japanese as ‘dō’,  The larger one rises above the teppanyaki table as a cylindrical extraction hood and the second demarcate the area for the “grab and go” store, both transformed into lighting objects that define and delimit, thanks to their scale, the two poles of the restaurant. The main wall, home to the sushi bar, is swathed in a low-relief black wall designed around the stylization of the Kanji characters into abstract geometries.

Tori Tori is a homage to the light, to the poetry of the shadows, the pale and the dark, the absence of light, which is as relevant as its presence creating a serene and monochromatic atmosphere.

Besides the main area, the restaurant also has a terrace with teppanyaki tables, and a private dining room surrounded by lush vegetation.

Tori Tori translates the ancestral heritage of the Japanese culture into new meanings, avoiding stereotyped reinterpretations, while becoming a sculptural, modern and an actual expression of an ancient tradition.


Architecture, Interior Design and Furnishing / Esrawe Studio / 2020

Creative Direction / Héctor Esrawe
Design Concept / Esrawe Studio
Project Leader / Heisei Carmona
Design Team / Javier García-Rivera, Lilian Betancourt,
Roberto González, Cristina Margain, Fabián Dávila, Enrique Tovar,
Abraham Carrillo, Viviana Contreras, Vanessa Ortega,
Daniel Serna, Alejandro Uribe.
Renders / Luis Frausto Correa
External Advisors / Casa Lux, HF Arquitectos, Grupo Bimer,
High Tech Services, Figueroa y del Buen, Alusa, Ansul,
CTC Ingenieros, Joaquín Ceballos, Cecilio Rodríguez, Oscar Rodríguez.
Lighting / LUA Luz en Arquitectura
Landscaping / Taller Vertebral
Construction / Cinemex
Photography / César Béjar, Genevieve Lutkin.