The Loma Apartment


Located on the west side of Mexico City, the architectural program consists of a living area, kitchen area, service area, and two bedrooms with private bathrooms. The west façade of the apartment opens towards the views and sunsets of the forest, offering a constant connection to nature.


The proposal is born from the dismantling of the original partitions and walls of the space, creating a new open configuration that is continuous and primarily oriented towards the views of the forest. A brass and wood console that merges with one of the existing columns and runs longitudinally through the space, articulates and integrates the social area. Its sculptural expression triggers the operative relationship of the space, defining the leading gesture of the project, and becoming the element that houses books, vinyl records, and a space for a turntable.


The oak wood skin that runs through the space embraces the perimeter of the apartment; along its path, it integrates and surrounds the large central granite bar in the kitchen and provides space to hide the refrigerator, pantry, linen closet, and a wine cellar. At the same time, this same skin integrates all doors and entrances to the service areas, creating a visual, warm, and tactile continuity that travels all the way to the master bedroom. The floor and side walls in marble provide the space with a sober and contemporary atmosphere.


The guest bathroom has a unique stony feeling; its floor and walls in green quartzite host a sculpture in green Tikal marble that serves as a washbasin, a piece designed in collaboration with EWE Studio.