Kumoto Restaurant

Kumoto is a tribute to the founders passion and the trajectory of Japanese cuisine.
After the success of the Tori Tori restaurants and in search of more intimate experience, we created a  traditional Japanese restaurant concept, that a few local restaurants have developed. 

Taking the Bento Box as a reference (homemade food ration accommodated in a tray of wooden boxes), the walls and the ceiling generate a wraparound reticle made of saw oak veneer. The sushi bar, located in the background, is framed with plates of natural steel and brass, aimed to leave a feeling of a theatrical inspiration. A large table has been build in the middle of the restaurant, which acts as the centerpiece of the space. The island is created in natural steel, exhibiting variety of objects such as sake containers, collection vessels and tableware, all which are used in the restaurant. 

Around this centrepiece table lay wooden tables and chairs, that are specially designed for Kumoto.


Concept / Esrawe Studio + Rojkind Arquitectos / 2018
Design Team / Michel Rojkind, Jorge Madahuar, Michele Bajona, Salvador Cortez, Federico Stefanovich, Pedro Paredes, Josué Aguilar, Hugo Cruz
Photography / Jaime Navarro

External Advisors

Construction Supervision / Jan Müller
Lighting / Lighteam
Builder / ZD+A