Hotel en el Lago


Hotel en el Lago is a twenty-room project born from a sensitive understanding of the natural context and the relationship between the architecture and the monumental trees and vegetation existing on the site.


The architecture is woven with the landscape and inhabits its voids, defining the respect for the context as the main axis of the project.


A volume shaped as a vegetal mass works as the access to the hotel. It integrates the reception and the amenities, inviting the guest to a walk through its lush vegetation, which reveals accesses and transitions. The area is composed of a series of continuous volumes of pure geometries that define the amenities program.


Inside, the lobby appears as the first contact point, with a large hall table that operates under a vault both as a reception and store, inviting the guest to transit towards the rooms and the rest of the amenities (massages, steam and temperature pools).


Hotel en el Lago offers a sober and austere interior design, where pure geometries, materiality and light create subtle but dramatic atmospheres, aiming to translate the language of the haciendas into a contemporary expression.