Gelatoscopio® is a Mexican ice cream shop inspired by the search for the most fun and authentic way to connect with our emotions, in order to discover a fantastic reality through flavors, textures and aromas that transport us to memorable moments. Created by a team of dessert and design lovers, it seeks to become a referent through a delicious, unique and different experience for everyone.

Gelatoscopio® is a utopian scenario, inspired by the fantastic machines that were and still are the imaginary of a romantic future. The materiality responds to objects and ships of an industrial character where metallic materials and bright finishes are used. The object is a composition constructed through lenses that dialogue with the context: they observe, deform and distort it, definitively altering the relation of the senses with the product. The “lenses” are composed of various mechanisms: magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes, mirrors and lighting.

Concept and Experience / Esrawe + Cadena / 2016
Creative Direction / Ignacio Cadena y Héctor Esrawe
Interior and Furniture Project / 
Esrawe Studio
Branding / Cadena + Asociados Concept Design
Design Team / Esrawe Studio: Javier García-Rivera, María Santibañez, Laura Vela
Cadena + Asociados Concept Design: Rocío Serna, Luis Medellín, Ricardo Bideau
Executive Project / Javier García-Rivera, Laura Vela, Hugo Cruz
Construction Supervision / Laura Vela
Builder / Retail Experts
Photography / Jaime Navarro, Edward Way