Gallo Azul 


In the dynamic scenario of Mexican fashion, the sartorial clothing brand “Gallo Azul” stands out with a remarkable presence, combining cultural heritage with contemporary elements. The essence and dedication of the brand find their expression in the new showroom in Mexico City. Drawing inspiration from the venerable traditions and meticulous craftsmanship of tailoring, each side of the location irradiates a deep commitment to the art of crafting unique and distinctive pieces.


A harmonious color palette and architectural components create an environment that enhances both craftsmanship and elegance. At the core of the architectural concept lies “The Line,” a representation of the fundamental principles of tailoring: precise cutting, pattern tracing, and meticulous construction. These elements serve as the centerpiece of the project, reflected not only in the spatial layout but also in the design aesthetics. The result is an atmosphere that pays homage to the intricate art of tailoring and Mexican craftsmanship.

Surrounded by walls and columns in deep blue tones, the operational hub of the brand comes to life, housing the atelier, meeting areas, the tailor’s enclave, dressing rooms, and the exhibition area. A steel structure, crowned with stone platforms, serves as a podium to showcase tools and materials of the trade. A textile cylinder, suspended in this space, serves as the tailor’s measurement station in continuity with the dressing rooms.

A mezzanine in oak wood provides visual depth and integrates an additional workspace on the level. The workshop, nurturing the heart of the creative process, remains divided by wooden partitions and olive green wool panels, creating an environment for concentration and innovation. The aerial carousel plays a dual role: an exhibition element and an integration point for garment storage, also functioning as a showcase to the outside.

“Gallo Azul” establishes itself as a reference of vanguard and innovation, consolidating its leadership in mastery and tradition in the realm of men’s fashion, converging towards the creation of clothes that transcend the ordinary. The fusion of tailoring and architecture creates an atmosphere that invites the appreciation for the meticulousness and creativity inherent in both fields.