Foro Armida 


Foro Armida responds to the need to create a polyvalent and multifunctional space in the area that promotes  cultural, entertainment and institutional activities. It is a reconfigurable space that looks and opens towards the city through a monumental screen facade. It is integrated to the commercial plaza by a courtyard with trees, with its own program.


The building’s facade is expressed through two main materials: dark-colored brick and glass. Towards the interior, the same brick materiality is combined with Corten steel. With a monumental and sober character the Foro promotes in a versatile way different possibilities for the cultural, the commercial and public scene in the city. The location of the Forum within the valley offers an exceptional view of the surrounding mountains and the city. The southern facade is protected from the sun by a vertical steel screen, which covers the building offering structural support and integrating in it the architectural language of the plaza.