Denver Art Museum – Learning & Engagement Center 


The Denver Art Museum reopened its doors in October 2021 with a newly remodeled and expanded campus that honorees and preserves the building’s historic architecture.


The Martin Building (formerly North Building) designed more than 50 years ago by world-renowned Italian architect Gio Ponti and Denver-based James Sudler Associates, hosts the new Morgridge Creative Hub, four workshop areas, sensory garden and Wonderscape Singer Community Gallery.


Esrawe + Cadena brought these spaces to life by providing a welcoming DAM environment, community connections, creativity for all ages and the power of harnessing early childhood education inventiveness. Combining the principles of participation, flexibility, creativity and spontaneity, as well as incorporating the use of delightful colors and design were a focus for the museum and for Esrawe + Cadena.


Esrawe + Cadena developed spaces that promote creativity and enhances Denver Art Museum’s program while catalyzes its local community’s creative nourishment and uniqueness.

Martin Building