House in Villafrea


In Villafrea de la Reina, a small town in Leon, northern Spain, a renovation project is underway on an old three-story house and a stable in the rear side, both with heavy stone walls, wooden roofs and a precious historical significance for the village. The project involves converting the stable into a private rest house and transforming the old house into a rural rental property.


The approach to the project is focused on preserving the original architectural expression while integrating both buildings into one structure through the use of a large wooden roof.


The region is know for its cold weather, and the architecture has been designed to capture the sun’s warmth with the help of a new black wooden roof. The double and triple heights of the old barn have also been opened in a large façade that captures the southwest sun’s rays in the common areas, helping to retain heat inside and offering views on three levels. Privacy in the TV room and master bedroom is regulated through the use of wooden louvers.


A central wooden staircase serves as the focal point of the rental property, connecting and dividing the spaces, and integrating services and storage areas along the way to allow the rooms to take advantage of the façades and perimeter views.


Both buildings feature a clear and consistent material duality; with heavy stone walls on one hand and a warm oak wood on the other. The oak wood is used in flooring, ceilings, carpentry and furniture, creating a cozy atmosphere in contrast to the stone walls. The oak wood has also been incorporated into the new construction, establishing a harmonious connection between old and new elements.