Ardea Steakhouse


Ardea is an intimate space that expresses the transformative power of fire as the main element for cooking, concealed like a precious treasure in Los Cabos. Its embracing structure symbolizes the timeless connection between the elements of earth and fire.


The lighting exposes the layered arches that configure the space, creating a captivating contrast between smoke, light, and shadows, enhancing a sense of depth. The walls feature a raw finish with an orderly grid, exuding a structured and polished appearance. The dark materiality seamlessly integrates with the overall design, drawing inspiration from the graceful curves of wine barrels, the organic lines of a ship’s hull, and the powerful skeletal shape of whales. These elements combine to create an enveloping and intimate atmosphere.


Diners are invited to select their desired meat cuts from a window display and witness the smoking process. The marble table tops evoke the raw veined texture of meat, while the walls, clad with wood paneling, contribute to a warm and evocative ambiance reminiscent of a traditional grill.