A Company

Esrawe Studio develops the corporate offices for the Investment Fund, in a square floor of 900 m2, it is a proposal for the dynamics and philosophy of the group, a structure in movement and constant movement, all the areas are articulated and complemented in the operation daily, it is a precise gear where the correct analogy is a clock tool, conceiving space in the same way as a work tool, which leads us to propose a circumscribed circle inside a square plant.

The perimeter for general directions, area directions and meeting rooms, is delimited by a lattice of radial wood, which serves as a grid, allows the entry of light and allows a visual continuity throughout the project. A central and open surface is inside the circle formed by the lattice, in it are the places of the work team.

The radiality is accentuated with textile elements suspended in the ground that advance to provide an acoustic solution that reinforces the operational conception of knowledge and strengthens the architectural idea. Within the central space there is a polyvalent area that is used flexibly, sometimes it is work or presentations, in others it is used as a place of relaxation for all employees.

Corporativo A is a living and timeless place that reflects the efficiency, the avant-garde and the dynamism of the group.

Interiors / Esrawe Studio / 2015
Design Team / Héctor Esrawe, Arturo Ortiz, Jorge Bracho,
Daniela Padilla, Ana Paula de Alba, Eduardo Alvarez