Casa del Agua

Also known as “The Local Water” – because it collects, distills and harmonizes rain water on site –, CASA DEL AGUA® is instinctively contemporary, yet passionately classic. With conviction, it represents everything that is worthy for what it “is” and not for what it “intends to be”. Man, machine, and nature come together in a common language, unafraid to speak with clarity and purpose. CASA DEL AGUA® is the encounter between past and present speaking with a high sense of “honesty and transparency”. Inspired by traditional processes, this project emerges as a nostalgic brand that evokes and appeals to quality, practicality, timelessness, and specially, beauty.

Concept + Experience / Esrawe + Cadena / 2016
Interior Design + Furniture / Esrawe Studio
Branding / Cadena + Asociados Concept Design
Design Team
Esrawe Studio / Ian Castillo
Cadena + Asoc. Concept Design / Ignacio Cadena, Rocío Serna
Architecture / Héctor Coss y Alejandro Tazzer
Photography / Jaime Navarro, Rocío Serna

External Advisors

Founding President
/ Bosco Quinzaños
Landscaping / Alejandro Tazzer
Builder / Factor Eficiencia, Econstrucción
Bottle Design / Nouvel Studio, Esrawe + Cadena