Xinú Candles

Esrawe + Cadena collaborate once again to create a vessel that encapsulates the incandescent olfactory memory of a continent. Xinú’s candle collection continues to document and synthesize the scent of the Americas’ exuberant aromatic botany.

This alchemic process and its singularities are what nurture the design of the container, a piece to perfectly accompany the balance and precision with which Xinú’s scents enter existence, triggering an olfactory experience.

To forge the fire container, fragments of stems, barks, and petals become petrified into a ceramic vessel, acquiring a new life.An exercise of co-creation, transmutation, embedded in the richness of the artisanal, technical and artistic expertise of Cerámica Suro.

Inspired by the essence evoked in these scents, these handmade ceramic pieces hold the aroma of a continent, translating the essential language of nature –the folds, creases, textures, planes and presences– into a graceful, reusable, ageless container, suitable for everyday use and everlasting visual delight.

Xinú Candle in white or black ceramic

Concept / Esrawe + Cadena / 2020
Creative Direction /  Héctor Esrawe + Ignacio Cadena
Design Team / Alejandro Ramírez, Federico Stefanovich, Ville Auvien, Manuel Bañó
Branding / Cadena Concept Design
Production / Cerámica Suro
Photography / Cadena Concept Design, Genevieve Lutkin