Xinú Bottle

Through its perfumes, Xinú synthesizes the scent of the Americas aromatic botany. This exercise of alchemy feeds the intent and nature of the container, evoking the richness of artisanal traditions, balance, precision, technique and passion for design.
The formal development of the bottle was inspired by abstract precolonial sculpture, myths, magic, sacred geometry, the wisdom of nature, seeds, cells and spores. The precepts and philosophy incorporated by Brancusi to his sculptures, were used to translate the essence of things to a three-dimensional experience carried to its purest and simplest expression.
The creative process had in itself an awareness of recycling and permanence conditions under the clear understanding that a simple and convincing expression means a highly complex execution, and requires high quality materials.
The blown glass container was developed in collaboration with Nouvel Studio and the lids were handcrafted with certified woods that aim at getting us closer to creating a beautiful non-disposable object which transforms from a scent container to a decorative object for its contemplation, or as a vase and censer for everyday use, thus giving the piece a permanent and ever changing life.
The wood appears as balance and counterpart of the container’s transparency, responding to Xinú’s close affinity with nature. Its physical expression synthesizes emotions, traditions, sensitivity and spirituality.


Concept / Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena / 2016
Development / Manuel Bañó
Production / Nouvel Studio