Gear Coffee Table


Gear Coffee Table was part of ‘Harmonious Contradiction’, the fourth and final summer exhibition at Sotheby’s East Hampton Gallery and the first collaboration between MASA and Sotheby’s.


‘Harmonious Contradiction’ presented eight contemporary artists producing polished bronze or brass floor works by Mexico City-based MASA Galeria, in conversation with a selection of post-war and contemporary works curated by Sotheby’s.


To reassign a value or intention to common materials is a constant design approach in the work of Héctor Esrawe. For the Gear Coffee Table a honeycomb cardboard is the source of inspiration, after being cut in an irregular shape, revealing on its edges a series of aleatory vertical patterns with a sculptural expression.


The possibility of materializing and containing these patterns into bronze and exposing them with radial cuts over the cardboard in different formats and scales defines a series of objects with utilitarian capabilities, in this case a coffee table, that is expressed as an over scaled jewel or geared ornament.