The Frecuencia bench is built out of a single silhouette and intention with small variations in height and length that provide structure, vibrate on its length and along the polished surfaces create the effect that the piece is fading. Through their repetition these continuous bent steel bars define its shape and generate the possibility of an endless functional vibration.


With the same principle of repetition, the Frecuencia sconces use their depth and the offsetting of the bars to create negative space for the light to exist thus creating the expression of a halo or aura. The refraction from these shapes then radiate with a vibrational divinity.


“Frecuencia” was presented at MASA Gallery in New York “Intervención/Intersección” exhibition curated by Su Wu at Rockefeller Center, 2022.


Frecuencia Bench

Frecuencia Sconces

Frecuencia Sconce I

Frecuencia Sconce II