It is a light sculpture designed by Esrawe Studio in collaboration with Nouvel Limited that forces two noble materials with different essences to coexist, but in the same way they alter and condition each other definitively. The process that generates this “violent coexistence” begins when soft and hard woods are exposed to 1500 degrees Celsius of poured glass. Oxygen and moisture within the wood cause a chemical reaction in the incandescent glass, resulting in a delicate unnatural visual expression. These are reflections around materiality, processes, the technique of pouring glass, in which experimentation is not an exclusive matter of forms or functions, but lies in the ability to establish new dialogues between these materials and their processes , between function and symbol.

Galería Enrique Guerrero

 Nouvel Limited + Esrawe Studio / 2018
Material / Solid glass, wood and metal
Design / Héctor Esrawe
Design Team / Manuel Bañó, Natán Ayala, Daniel Brito
Exhibitions / Zona Maco 2018
Photography / Pablo Da Ronco

A / 39 x 18 x 39h cm
B / 39 x 18 x 39h cm
C / 50 x 18 x 39h cm
D / 50 x 18 x 39h cm
E / 60 x 18 x 39h cm
F / 60 x 18 x 39h cm