Tishman Speyer – Lobbies


Mexico City has experienced an increase of skyscrapers construction in the last 10 years. Esrawe has been developing sculptural furniture for iconic lobbies since. In 2019 we have extended our presence to the United States and we have been invited to develop pieces in historical buildings in New York, such as The Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, 520 Madison Avenue and One Bush in San Francisco. 

The works where designed to embrace the buildings’ iconic presence and timeless character. Through its materiality, geometry and expression, each piece aims to create a dialogue with its respective space. In order to promote new interactions between the user and the space, it is also relevant that the role of the furniture plays as an element which allows contemplation of the amazing contemporary art collections that are on the premises. These interactions and the versatile possibilities of the pieces encourage the community to gather, chat, have a pause, relax and wait for someone in areas that were previously used only as a transition through the building.



 520 Madison Avenue


 One Bush – San Francisco



One Rockefeller – New York


Esrawe Studio / 2020
Materials / Walnut wood, steel and leather
Design / Héctor Esrawe
Design Team / Manuel Bañó, Federico Stefanovich
Photography / Rafael Gamo